Project Contract Management and Legal Aspects

MPM 541 – Project Contract Management and Legal Aspects

 Spring 2020 – Course Portfolio

A.   Portfolio questions


Q1)      What is FIDIC? Why we use it? What ere the different divisions of FIDIC, provide sample for each? What are the main FIDIC GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT CLAUSES FREQUENTLY APPLIED IN PRACTICE? Explain 2 of them.

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Project Contract Management and Legal Aspects
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Q2)      Specifications are important in contracts. Define the term Specifications? What is the purpose and importance of specifications? What are the different types of Specifications? Explain with examples 2 types?

Q3)      Definition of Adhesion Contract? Provide example of Adhesion Contract? What causes of Adhesion Contracts? Illustrate on history of Adhesion Contract. What are the standard form of Adhesion Contract? Illustrate on Adhesion Contract in UAE.

Q4)      What are the Legal Aspects of Electronic Contracts? What is the A Legal Framework for Secure Electronic Contracts? Provide an example of Electronic contract.

Q5)      In recent years the use of mediation has increased exponentially. It is widely considered and used in common law jurisdictions and more recently within the civil law jurisdiction of the UAE. List the main centers of arbitrations in UAE and very brief about 2 of them?

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  • This portfolio report must be your own original composition. You are not allowed to copy paragraphs from another person’s work (including work posted on the web)


  • The report should contain the title page, table of contents, answers for the questions, and references used.



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