Professional Role Model Assignment (Kamala Harris)


CHOSEN PERSON IS Kamala Harris Activity DirectionsActivity Directions This assignment will also provide an opportunity for you to identify possible mentors or role models who could assist you in your Public Service career. While the assignment does not require that you make contact with the role model you identify, it will allow you to practice skills such writing an email introduction and developing questions for an informational interview. These are skills you may choose to deploy on your own with the individual you identified in this assignment, or as you move into more advanced stages of your professional preparation. Steps in this Assignment Step 1: Identify a Professional Role Model. This should be someone whose career you admire. He or she doesn’t need to be an international leader in their field (but could be!). It might be someone who works in the kind of job you would like to have five or 10 years after graduation. You will have an easier time with this assignment if the person that you choose has a strong online presence (see the “Research Resources” below for places to look for someone’s online presence).  Step 2: Research your selected professional’s biography, paying attention to: Education Career trajectory and professional positions held, taking note of major milestones like relocation or change of organization Roles in professional organizations Community activities (volunteer work, service with organizations outside their profession, et cetera) Noteworthy experiences Awards and recognition How they present themselves professionally (in the resources that they are likely to control, such as organization biographies, LinkedIn profile, et cetera)  Step 3: Lastly, you will summarize your findings and practice preparing for an informational interview in a document you will turn in. You may originate your document in the application of your choice; however, you will submit your work as a Word document so choose an application that allows you to “save as” or “export”  Word documents. Format your document just as if you were creating one of the Cornerstone elements. Your in-document title should be the name of the person you selected as a role model.  On page one of your document, write a summary of your role model’s professional preparation and presentation, addressing the following: A brief statement of who this person is professionally—their job title and field What makes this person successful in their field or someone you would want to emulate? How did this person train for their current position, and what was their career path in terms of prior positions? Did anything surprise you in this trajectory? How does this person present his/herself professionally in online materials? What works well, and what could be improved? Here you might reflect on how easy or difficult it was to find information about this person. On page two, of your assignment, include the following: Text of an email you would send to this person to introduce yourself and ask for an informational interview (you can learn more about email introductions at the bottom of this section) Four to five questions you would ask this person if you sat down for an informational interview (you can find more about informational interviews at the bottom of this section)  Step 4: Make sure you have documented your sources with in-text citations and a complete list of references. See Course Resources for guides.  Tip: Use headings to distinguish between your email and your informational interview questions. Keep track of your work—you may want to return to it when you prepare your next Cornerstone element. To view the rubric for this assignment, go to My Grades, locate this assignment and click on View Rubric.

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Professional Role Model Assignment (Kamala Harris)
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