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The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with formal communication in a technically-oriented workplace. Keep in mind your audience and purpose when you establish the tone of your memo.

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Professional Memo
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This assignment has three options. Your scenario is dependent on the option you choose:

Option 1 – Progress Report: You are an employee at a company related to your major. You are currently working with a team on a project assigned to you by your supervisor. Your supervisor has asked you to write a progress report memo on that project.

Option 2 – Incident Report: You are an employee at a company related to your major. An incident (accident, injury, mistake, breach, etc.) occurred at work and you need to write an incident report memo addressed to your supervisor to inform him or her of the occurrence.

Option 3 – Directive: You are a manager at a company related to your major. You have had to change or add a policy or procedure due to a problem at work. You need to write a directive memo to the employees at your company to inform them of the new policy or procedure.

Deliverables (1)

Submit one memo. Write a memo in the form of a progress report, incident report, or directive (choose one) according to your work/life/career needs. Feel free to use information from your real life or career. You can also make up or alter information to change it to protect sensitive details.


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