Problems with race concept

For this assignment, you should review chapter 13 of the Explorations book, especially its discussion of the problems with race and racial categorization from a biological and anthropological perspectives. You should also view the documentary “The Difference Between Us: Race—the Power of An Illusion” (Links to an external site.)which is available at that link through PCC’s Shatford Library website (you may be required to sign in to view it). The site hosting the film has a transcript and offers subtitles. Additionally, for a different but related perspective, please read Clarence Gravelee’s article “How Race Becomes Biology: Embodiment of Social Inequality.”
Once you have reviewed the chapter, watched the film, and read Gravelee’s article, write up a discussion post that does the following:
Using the film, our textbook, and the article, make an argument against racial categorization on the basis of biological science (including genetics, population genetics, inheritance, or medical science). Your answer should discuss at least three distinct problems with the race concept and correct the problems based on our current understandings of biological science. Your post should include at least one specific example from each of the three sources (the film, the article, and the textbook).
This has to be 500 words and I have attached the article below if you cant get to the link. The video you could click on.

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Problems with race concept
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