Problem Statement and Solution


See attached for the case Problem Statement: Instead of providing case background, start directly with the problem. Problem Statement should be precise, clear, and reflective of OB related issues in the case. State clearly that the problem in this case is ‘……… …… which is reflective of XYZ OB concepts’. Then briefly elaborate on those key OB concepts that guide the case and the problem. Around 1 page is adequate for Problem Statement. Alternatives: Make sure your alternatives are realistic and reflective of OB. State each alternative and link them to specific OB concepts that could be tied to OB concepts mentioned in the Problem Statement. Then for each alternative provide 3 pros and 3 cons. Each pro and con should be supported with an OB concept(s). Table for Pros & Cons: If you want to use a table for pros & cons, then after every alternative and its brief explanation with OB concepts, insert a two column table. Use the left column for pros and right for cons. For each pro with OB concept(s) in the left column, write a corresponding con with OB concept(s) in the right column. In this way, you can compare pros & cons side by side. Around 2.5 (two and a half) page length is adequate for each alternative with its pros & cons. The structure is like: 1- problem statement 2- three alternatives 3- three pros and Three cons for each alternative

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Problem Statement and Solution
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