probability and proportion calculation using python

NOTE – YOU HAVE TO BE VERY GOOD AT PYTHON TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Fully Cleaned Data set (flights data) will be provided and LECTURE NOTEBOOK (sample solution) with all the CODES will also be provided.
Requirements –
Provide an analysis of delayed flights based on the airport the flight originated from. Your analysis should answer the following questions. 1) Determine the originaing airport with the largest proportion of flights arriving late to their destination. Do the same for the airport with the smallest proportion. 2) What is the probablity a flight leaving from a given airport will arrive at its destination late? * Hint: Calculate the probablity of late arrival at destination for each originating airport.3) What is the mean and std of late arrival times for both of these airports. * Based on the mean and std information ONLY, which airport seems like a better choice?4) Define a question that would utilize Bernoulli’s Equation and preform a calculation to support your question. 5) Provide a summary of all the values that you calculated for 3 airports * Compare the three to each other.
* Which airport would you prefer to fly out of based on your results.

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probability and proportion calculation using python
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