presentation for Essay 3

In week 11, you will give presentations about your visual essays. Your presentations will have three parts.

First, you will present the series of images from your visual essay.

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presentation for Essay 3
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Then you will discuss your process for creating the essay: How did you begin? How and why did you choose this issue? Where did you go to take the photographs? Were there any challenges? What would you do differently if you were starting this assignment today?

Finally, you will address each section of the reflective essay prompt:

  1. identify the issue/problem you explored, the persuasive methods you employed, and the purpose/goal of your argument
  2. explain the decisions you made in taking and presenting your photographs and how these decisions contributed to your goal
  3. discuss your successes and failures. Do you think you achieved your goal partially or completely? Are some photographs more successful than others?
  4. discuss your thoughts about photography and how it works to persuade: use an idea or quote from Susan Sontag’s book, On Photography, to frame your discussion of photography



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