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Research during clinical time to prepare for the Epidemiology Paper due in Week 5.

Read the Neighborhood scenarios and complete the Community Emergency Preparedness Paper. 

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Prepare for the epidemiology paper | Homework Help
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Select one population and one disease of interest from the following lists: 

  • Vulnerable Populations
    • Infants, children, or youth at risk
    • Teens
    • Homeless
    • Mentally ill
    • Immigrants or migrants
    • Refugees
    • Victims of violence
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender 
  • Diseases for these populations might include the following:
    • Viral infections
      • Influenza
      • HIV
      • Human papilloma virus
      • Hepatitis
    • Chronic Illness
      • Diabetes
      • Cancer
      • Obesity
      • Mental health issues
    • Other
      • Pregnancy
      • Drug use

Discuss the following as related to your chosen topic:

  • Definition and description of epidemiology
  • Gather information and analyze the steps and methods of epidemiology, to include:
    • Analyze routine data (demographic, census, birth, death, and surveillance records)
    • Analyze research data (medical and health records)
    • Analyze epidemiological data (surveys specific to your topic)


PLEASE NOTE; this link might be helpful for a neighborhood scenario.


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