pre-writing …

Directions:This journal is a sort of pre-writing for our next essay. To complete, please answer the following question in about a page.
This essays asks you to choose a “particular controversy within your theme/topic that you believe is ripe for such an analysis.” What controversies/topics come to mind? Try to list at least three possibilities?
Once you have selected a topic (or for now, a few possibilities), you will need to “select artifacts from the various perspectives on the issue to demonstrate your points.” Where might you look for these? Do you have any ideas about what artifacts you might use? (Reminder: You will probably only want one to two artifacts (probably one a piece) for each perspective; furthermore, it usually works best if both artifacts are of the same medium and/or genre (e.g. speech compared to speech, essay compared to essay, podcast compared to podcast, etc.)
How do you feel about your understanding of the prompt here? Being able to write the essay? What questions do you have?

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pre-writing …
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