Practice Analyzing

Paper instructions

In this week’s exercise, you will practice analyzing an image. Begin by selecting one photograph to analyze. Consider how the image is constructed. Where does your eye first land when you looking at the photograph? What’s happening in the image? Where is the light coming from? What objects populate the image? Who do you think the audience for this image is? When do you think this image was made? What is the purpose of this image? What is the argument it’s making? Is it effectively achieving its purpose? Write a 1-2 page essay in which you answer these questions.

Submit your 1-2 page essay, along with the photo you analyzed, together as one Word document. If you own the image, you may copy and paste it into the Word document with your essay. If you found the photo online or in another source, please include a link to the image.

As you work on this assignment, you may find it helpful to fill out this worksheet (hyperlink) from the National Archives.

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Practice Analyzing
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