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choose a country that’s from Africa and that’s also struggling with things such as poverty Requirements for Research Paper Listed below are the required elements for your multi-paragraphed research paper. Essay must not be less than six complete paragraphs. Please be sure to follow this guide carefully as not to omit any of the elements. Grade deductions become significant when you miss inclusions of required elements • Two (2) Internet source • Two (2) Scholarly sources (written, reviewed and published by an expert) • One (1) Media source. That is a newspaper, journal article, magazine, periodical • (Optional) An interview of a professional (or an individual with extensive experience on your topic) • Two (2) photos, 1 chart, or graph that accurately depicts a major point in your paper • Attach the questions you asked the interviewee (second to last page of the paper) • Works Cited Page (last page of the paper) This research paper will assess the skills that you have garnered throughout the semester. Thus, it is prudent that you review: • MLA essay format in its entirety • In-text citation • Works Cited Page • Construction of the essay from introduction to conclusion • Insertion of charts, graphs, photos into the document • Inserting responses to interview questions in body of essay (if applicable) Important: Every source required must be used in the paper and listed on the Works Cited Page. This project must fulfill the requirements of English 148. That is, each paragraph must be no less than 16 sentences long and must contain sufficient evidence and examples to corroborate hypothesis. In total, your research paper should be no less 12-14 paragraphs and/or 8-10 pages long. Papers that do not meet this criteria will not be accepted. This paper is due on Thursday, May 14rd (last day of class.) There are NO exceptions. You may submit your paper via Blackboard, Google.doc, or attach it in OSSESS email

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Poverty in Africa Assignment | Essay Help Services
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