politics and the media


This week we are addressing how well US media and publics engage with global issues and threats in the “rest of the world.”  For your assignment this week: 1. First, review this week’s resources (readings and doc) which point to important patterns and limits in US media coverage and/or US social media discussions of global issues. Identify and discuss at least THREE of these patterns/limits (250 words) THEN 2.  Find and discuss two traditional US (edited) news items OR 30+ social media posts about a recent major global event (in the last year). How/why are these events being talked about? How are they being framed? Do you see any of the general patterns/limits you identified at work in this coverage? Overall, what did you think about this coverage? (250 words) OPTIONAL 3. For an OPTIONAL THREE EXTRA CREDIT POINTS, look at how this event was covered in two NON US MEDIA — e.g. UK media (Times, Guardian, BBC), Canadian media (CBC),  Australian news, Spanish language media, etc. How is this different,  if it is (250 words)? Suggested recent events:  Israel/UAE treaties, Chinese Uighur Muslim detention camps, Yemeni War, China/US tech stories (e.g. TikTok), China Covid vaccine, etc.

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politics and the media
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