Political Science


Make sMAKE SURE YOU STATE THE hypothesis CLARLY IN THE PAPER. ALSO MAKE SURE IT IS RELATED TO POLITICAL SCIENCE. State a hypothesis, which may, but need not, be one that you used for any previous assignments.  Then locate at least five articles from academic journals relevant to that hypothesis.  (Sources, like books, newspapers, web sites, and popular magazines are useful sources for actual exploration of topics and for research papers you might write, but they’re not the purpose of this assignment: restrict yourself to traditional scholarly journals here.)  For each of the five articles, provide a complete citation (whatever style you prefer, though with enough information that we could locate the article to read it) and a one- or two-paragraph summary of why it is useful for the hypothesis you have selected: does it demonstrate that hypothesis in some context?  Does it establish a key premise that your hypothesis would assume?  Does it identify useful data sources that you might draw upon?  Does it provide a counterargument that you would need to rebut?  Does it serve some other purpose, and if so what?  Any one article may do multiple of these things, so address all the relevant implications. You may in this case combine the five responses, but are not obliged to do so.

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Political Science
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