Police Policy

Police Policy
You are a Law Enforcement Police Consultant. A state government has hired you to provide advice on the appropriate police policy in several jurisdictions. You advise them on whether to choose the Watchman, Legalistic, or Service Style of Policing.
A city of 100,000 that contains a diverse mixture of Whites, African Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanics. The unemployment rate is high. Few wealthy people live in the city. Most people are middle-class, but 25% of the citizens qualify for government assistance. The police department reflects the racial/ethnic mix of the city’s population.
A small-town of 2000 residents. Most residents work in one lumber mill or in businesses that serve loggers and farmers who live in the area. The town’s population is almost entirely white, except when large numbers of people from various minority groups arrive in the summer and fall to work on local farms.
A suburb with 15,000 residents. Twenty percent of the residents are members of minority groups. Nearly all the town’s residents are white-collar (professional workers) with high incomes. Most people commute to a big city to work.
Students are to analyze the case and provide a well-thought-out overview of the above scenarios.After stating your position (Watchman, Legalistic, Service, or a mix) on each question, YOU MUST DEFEND YOUR RESPONSES drawn from the contexts of the
Your overview will be posted under “Quiz Two” on BlackBoard. Your finished overview MUST contain a minimum of 750 words. All students MUST document the final word count at the conclusion of their paper or points will be deducted. Your grade will be based on how well you defended your position.

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Police Policy
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