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Formatting/Page Requirement: 3-4 pages, adhering strictly to 8th Edition MLA standards. If the paper does not adhere to 8th edition MLA standards, I will return the assignment with a 0 and you will be asked to revise your essay. You will have one week to do so. After that point, the paper will not be accepted. For this particular assignment, there are two sections: The Review or the Complaint Letter, and The Forum Analysis Option #1: Basic Review: We all make judgments on a daily basis. The ability to defend your opinion with solid support is extremely important. For this assignment, you’ll choose a subject, such as a performance, book, magazine article, consumer product, film, Web page, video game, or whatever you like, and a write a review of it. Make sure your review has the qualities that we outlined in class (element, criteria, judgment, evidence). Present a judgment on this thing and then, defend it. Use Chapter 15 in your textbook as a guide for this assignment. Pay attention to the samples in the text. In particular, identify the ways in which they utilize the components of a review we talked about in class: Elements, Criteria, Judgment, Evidence. Forum Analysis: In addition, after your initial evaluation, I would like you to include a paragraph or two where you analyze a forum where you would place this evaluation. I won’t require you to post your evaluation on this forum, but I want you to reflect on the possibilities. Answer these questions: What’s the name of the site? What type of evaluations are posted on this site? Is it focused on one topic or is it rather broad? Is this site popular among people who investigate this field/subject? Consider identifying how many people have visited this site. How would you describe the style of other evaluations on the site? Are they formal or casual? How is this formal/casual nature exhibited in their language? Consider pointing to one or two examples (Don’t feel like you have to provide detailed summaries). Do the evaluations appear to be civil in their evaluations or are they simply attempting to be snarky, sarcastic, or mean? Once again, could you present examples? How would you need to revise your piece to meet the requirements of the forum? If you are going the route of a complaint letter, you’ll analyze the organization’s website, using the following questions: What’s the name of the website? Do they seem to be open to feedback from the public? Are reviews from other customers available/prominent on the website? What level of formality is presented on the website? Are they extremely formal or casual? How will you need to modify your review for submission to the website? Extra Credit Option: For an extra ten points, prove to me that you have, in fact, submitted your review to this forum by providing the URL (web address) of your evaluation. I would prefer you provide a hyperlink to the actual page. I’ll show you how to do this in class. Objectives: Adhere to proper grammar/mechanics, with a focus on paragraph construction, dynamic language, and organization, as well as the elimination of run-on sentences and comma splices Choose an appropriate style (consider using whatever style might be used on the forum you chose to analyze) Use effective descriptions that allows the audience to see the qualities of this thing Use language that helps to frame how you want the audience to perceive this thing Provide an evaluation, as opposed to merely providing a summary Use appropriate strategies for development

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Pole Position Assignment | Online Assignment
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