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I have to rewrite my essay keeping in mind the feedback from my professor. I had a 10/20 for the first one so I hope this one will be much better. The purpose of the essay is to present a strong thesis statement in which you add relevant arguments and claims using the poem as the primary, most important source and the two secondary sources (which I will send to you because we cannot choose which sources we use) as additional support to the content. I hope you stick as much as possible to the feedback and change/rewrite the things she commented on.

English Literature I: Poetry
AY 2019-2020
Assignment Briefs
Assignment 4: Literary analysis essay (final version)
1. Assignment
Revise the first version of your assignment using the feedback you received in response to assignment 3. (An essay that has not been revised will fail automatically!) Depending on the feedback you received, this could entail making minor or major changes to your essay. Pay close attention to the feedback you received and revise your essay accordingly.
Word count: 1000-1500
Submit via Ufora: Assignment 4 Deadline – Friday 22/05 at 17:00
2. Guidelines
You have received detailed written feedback on your previous version of the assignment and have (had) the opportunity to receive oral feedback at the sessions organized by your seminar teacher. Keeping in mind the brief for assignment 3, revise your essay according to the feedback you have received.
3. Assessment
This assignment accounts for 25% of your final EL1 result. You will be evaluated by use of the Poetry rubric on Ufora (click the arrow next to the rubric and select “Preview”).
The same criteria will be taken into account in your assessment (see assignment 3 brief for detailed description):
 Thesis statement
 Argument
 Secondary sources
 Structure & flow
4. Formatting Guidelines
• Submit your essay in Word format (as a UGent student you have access to all Microsoft Office software via “Office 365” (www.office.com) or on www.athena.ugent.be)
• Label your word file as follows: “Last name First name_EL1_Assignment 4”
• Font & Layout:
 Readable standard font: Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, …
 Size 12 font
 Double-spaced
• The heading in the top left corner of the first page should include the following information: name student, course title, name seminar teacher, day and starting time of seminar, Assignment 4
• Title appropriate for an academic essay
• Page numbers in the bottom right corner of the page
• Indent the first line of your paragraph(s) (with exception of the first paragraph).
• You can find an assignment template on Ufora.

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Poem ‘Lines’ by Frances E.W. Harper Assignment | Essay Help Services
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