please assist with crytography

CYB 710 Module 4: Homework1. Use the method of repeated squaring to find the least residue of 7945modulo 811, showing all steps as illustrated in our Module 4 lecturenotes.2. Use the Euclidean Algorithm to find the following gcd, and thenuse the Extended Euclidean Algorithm to write this gcd in the form(a, b) = ma nb. Show all steps (long divisions, substitutions, etc.) asin our lecture notes.(1203, 8691)3. (a) Encrypt 139 using an RSA cryptosystem with n = 3277 ande = 17 (use the method of repeated squaring, showing all steps).(b) Find the decrypting power d using the method outlined in thelast example in our Module 4 lecture notes, showing all steps (e.g. usethe Extended Euclidean Algorithm rather than brute force).

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please assist with crytography
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