Play ANTIGONE by Sophocles

Paper instructions

“Wisdom is supreme for a blessed life, and reverence for the gods must never cease. Great words, sprung from arrogance, are punished by great blows. So, it is one learns, in old age to be wise.” (Sophocles, 1348-1353)

This line spoken by the Chorus at the very end of Antigone summarizes one of the themes of the play. Explain what this means and how the play makes the argument for this conclusion. How does the action/dialogue of the play act as evidence for this conclusion?
Use the play ANTIGONE by Sophocles

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Play ANTIGONE by Sophocles
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Form & Format:
This is to be an essay of 3-4 double-spaced pages.
Use only Times New Roman size 12 font with 1-inch margins
This is an analysis paper and should not include your opinions or impressions (and as such should not include personal pronoims such as “I”) but instead should be your interpretations and analyses. The purpose is to explain the problem and argument of the author, and to find the common themes and to make meaningful coimections and distinctions within the work. You should also avoid phrases such as: In conclusion. In summary. This essay will discuss, etc.

We will be using Safe Assign on Blackboard and you must upload the paper.there. You must also submit a hardcopy in class on the due date. Lateness will result in points deducted.
Please make sure you have access and can use blackboard ASAP to avoid problems come the date the paper is due.
Failure to submit the Draft will result in the loss of 5 points off the Revision.

NOTE: This is not a research paper. Do not use secondary sources; only refer to the works and class discussions. It is an explication de texte showing your understanding (in your own words) of what you have read and discussed in class. Plagiarism is punishable by failure of the course and expulsion from the College for a second offense (SEE York College Bulletin, your Student Handbook or for frorther information).


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