Physical ability tests (PATs)

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In this assignment, you will be cubing about physical ability tests (PATs). Cubing is a writing exercise that will allow you to explore various aspects of the topic, PATs, in an allotted time. Using the six sides of the cube, you will write about each side. This is a virtual cubing assignment where you will be switching the face of the cube from one to another. You will first want to view the presentation on the Unit VI Scholarly Activity: Cubing to view each side of the cube. Presentation:


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Physical ability tests (PATs)
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Bennett, L. T. (2017). Fire service law (2nd ed.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.

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You should view one side of the cube. Base your responses on the lesson and readings for this unit. Below are three questions to help guide you as you write about whether or not the image on the cube mimics the psychological demands imposed by the conditions under which an individual would be asked to perform as part of the essential functions of a firefighter. Each task that is being performed in the image for a firefighter in real life would be timed with a cut-off score, and failure to complete the task within the allotted time would result in disqualification.

Does the activity in the image legally discriminate against any applicant’s abilities to perform the tasks?
Does the activity provide the best indication of how an applicant will physically perform the duties on the actual job?
Will the activities withstand a lawsuit based on content validity because the test replicates the actual job?

On your paper, use headings to identify the side of the cube you are discussing. For instance, on side one of the cube, use the title “Penetrating a Door” as seen on the slide’s title. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You should use at least three different references in your text.

I have uploaded the sides of the cube that could not be viewed through the provided link.


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