PHI 220 Ethics of healthcare

Study after study has shown than millions of Americans can afford neither healthcare nor health insurance. Here is another one:
“In a new survey of 9,200 people across 15 states by my organization, the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute, 49% of respondents said they must cut other expenses to pay for health care. And they aren’t cutting back on frivolities like expensive electronics. Most often, they said, they had to cut back on their savings, as well as spending on food and clothing, to pay for healthcare.” Source: Arthur “Tim” Garson Jr., “Half of America Skimps to Pay for Healthcare. The Only Fix is to Cut Waste,” USA Today, October 23, 2017, (Links to an external site.)
Consider what a Libertarian, someone who denies that healthcare is a right, might argue against some one like Rawlsian philosopher Norman Daniels’s claim that humans have a moral right to healthcare.
“Healthcare is a privilege, not a right. Society cannot force a tax on individuals in order to fund a healthcare system designed to guarantee everyone a certain amount of healthcare—regardless of ability to pay. Doing so violates an individual’s freedom to use his/her money as he/she sees fit. A healthcare tax, even if applies only to the rich, amounts to political tyranny, a straightforward case of government overreach! The moral way to fix the problems with our health care system is to let the invisible hand of free markets determine who gets health care.”
Is what the libertarian proposing a fair system? Should healthcare be available only to those who can pay for it?
1. Identify and describe two possible objections to the libertarian perspective. Note: You can use Norman Daniels to raise these objections.
2. Identify and describe a possible way a libertarian might reply to these objections.
3. How would a defender of a right to healthcare might respond to the reply? Explain in a 200-300 piece or writing.

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PHI 220 Ethics of healthcare
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