Phenotypic trait

Paper instructions

For your paper please address the following:
1. What is a phenotypic trait and what traits do you think you inherited from your parents?
2. Based on what you’ve read and seen on video, how do you think humans and apes diverged into their respective separate species?
3. What behaviors do you think you observe in nonhuman primates that you also see in our own species.

Please write a paper (approximately 750 words minimum) explaining your answer. If you use any outside sources, PLEASE CITE your sources appropriately. You may write in “first person” (using terms like “I am,” “I think”, “I believe”). Grading will be based on your originality, depth of thought, spelling and grammar, so please spellcheck and proofread your work before you turn it in. Feel free to use the online word counter at

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Phenotypic trait
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