Persuasive Comparison/ Contrast


Write a 600 word paper that is persuasive and uses comparison and contrast an an organizing pattern. You will compare two people, places or things and show how one is better than the other. You must use alternation of detail in your comparison and contrast and have at least 3 areas of comparison for your topic. Discuss likenesses and differences of your subject in each paragraph. Underline a thesis in an introductory paragraph, have at least 3 paragraphs of comparison and contrast and a conclusion. A possible format could be: Paragraph 1: thesis which states a preference and 3 areas on which to compare and contrast topic Paragraph 2: likeness and differences of one area of comparison Paragraph 3: likeness and differences of another area of comparison Paragraph 4: likeness and differences of another area of comparison Paragraph 5: conclusion that sums up likenesses and differences and restates thesis.

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Persuasive Comparison/ Contrast
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