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Never had I known what interpretation was before I dashed off the application form of All China Interpreting Contest(ACIC) in my second half-year in the university. During that time, interpretation was merely a vague concept which was closer to the variant of “English speech” or “oral English” in my premature mind. Sometimes, however, just as the saying goes, “ignorant people are afraid of nothing”. After luckily surviving in the first internet audition, I took on a plane by myself to Guangdong province where I entered the second round of selection. This experience, much to my surprise, had dramatically changed the trajectory of my life ever since.

I remember it was not until I sat on the chair before the public, gasping a pen tightly in my hand, listening attentively to an audio which was all Greek to me, and being closely examined by four judges, did I realize for the first time that interpretation was by no means an easy task for me: it demands the ability of interpreters to adopt flexible approaches to tricky problems; it requires vast stores of knowledge that, I, an English major, may have not known beforehand. However, I could vaguely tell that there might be some qualities of me that are suitable to become an interpreter. It was also through this experience that I acquainted myself with the exceptional students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, from whom I got tremendous support and detailed information constantly.

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Personal Statement for Post-graduate Admission Assignment | Essay Help Services
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Since my first acquaintance with interpretation, I began to actively seek opportunities to train myself as a qualified interpreter. Using my spare time on vacations, I took up an introductory course on consecutive interpretation in Transemantix Institute of Interpretation and Translation(TIIT) in Beijing, in which I got tremendous support from experienced professional interpreters like Shen Kun. I amazedly found my whole world being enlightened and my future being clear all at once. Being a professional interpreter, though seeming arduous, has been engraved on my mind, shining like a beacon in my life, constantly guiding me through any invisible obstacle I encountered along my way chasing dreams.

Looking back into the past three years of my college life, I bear no shame for what I have done to continually better myself. I have made much concrete progress with a much clearer goal and a more determined mind over the first-three-year course of my college life. As a result of my diligence and effective way of learning, I was granted with top-level scholarships for two consecutive years in the university, which I intend to keep forward in my further study. I had already passed several important tests such as TEM-4, CET-4, TOFEL and IELTS before I entered my third year in college. What’s more, I have always been an active participant in various competitions such as the FITRP English Speaking Competition and the Translation Contest for College Students in Hainan Province, in which I achieved remarkable results. I have also attended several important international activities as a volunteer, such as the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2019, where I carried out a translation project in practice and took a close-up view of professional interpreters working in booths.

In my third academic year when I was an exchange student at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, my proficiency in English had been greatly improved. My interest in global politics was also greatly aroused by the volatile political situation in Hong Kong. From that time on, I began to more often expose myself to global political affairs, being more attentive to the ever-changing international situation. In addition, I was more than glad to find a most suitable academic environment favorable for my career development—the one that is lively and free, with a hybrid of eastern and western cultures that both Hong Kong and Shenzhen share. This finding has solidified my faith in attending the Simultaneous Interpretation program in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, to a huge degree.

All in all, I found that instead of me who chose the work, it was my future job, namely interpretation, that chose me. I have a great determination, a quick and resolute mind, as well as the great resilience whenever problems occur; I am courageous and confident, never being afraid of presenting myself to the public; I enjoy the feeling of sharing, and would like to transfer good ideas to others; I have a wide range of interests, and take interpretation as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge… Interpretation indeed suites my personality, namely the outgoingness, the venturesome spirit, and the great ambition in me, and it continues enriching my life with great happiness and excitement, for which reasons I strongly believe that I will be fully capable for the career as an interpreter.

Finally, I sincerely wish your dear committee to consider me as being a potential candidate and grant me a great chance for entering the summer camp as it is a precious opportunity for me to open up a new chapter in my life with my dream fulfilled. Thank you!

Personal statement used for the admission of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Deadline is on 20th May in Beijing time Master of Arts in Simultaneous Interpreting


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