Personal reflection on health promotion

Paper instructions

the personal reflective paper is about a situation that happened during clinical practice that was challenging.

the situation: while visiting the community center we had to greet the staff and ask questions regarding the place and what services they offered in order to prepare for the upcoming presentation that we will do the following week for the seniors at the center. where we have to do a presentation and prepare informative posters with our topic, present it to the seniors and try to keep them interested in what we are doing with games or treats and at the same time inform them of our topic. which my topic is mental health and how to cope with stress. the challenge that I’m facing during this process is overcoming stage fright; I’m not comfortable presenting in front of people and I got scared and nervous while greeting the community center staff I tried my best to be active in the conversation by asking the questions that I had prepared from the day before but while asking I felt uncomfortable and had the feeling that my heart would explode. the main challenge will be the day of the presentation being able to present clearly and in a professional manner and avoiding my fears to interfere while I’m presenting

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Personal reflection on health promotion
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the reflection must include: please use headings
What happened/Description:
• Describe what happened by answering who, what, when, where, why
• State the trigger that led to the experience and/or feeling you had.

Feelings: What were you thinking and feeling?

Evaluation: What was good and bad about the experience?
• What was satisfying?
• What was beneficial, good?
• What was challenging?
• What was troubling?

Analysis: What sense can you make of the situation?
Intrinsic things that could have affected -personal thought, feeling, believe
Extrinsic- outside factors things that affected what had happened.
• What are the issues in this situation?
• Why did this happen?
• What knowledge from theory can I apply here (integrate evidence/research)
here you must include the CNO practice standard and the CNA practice standard as well as any government website or the book Canadian fundamentals of nursing potter and perry that may apply required 3 sources

• Identify and comment on the learning outcome to which this applies.
the learning outcome that you must identify is: argument how these learning outcomes are present or how you will plan to achieve these learning outcomes by the day of the presentation
1- begins to use developmentally and culturally appropriate communication with clients that is developmentally and culturally appropriate.
2-Demonstrates personal responsibility for learning.

Conclusion: What else could you have done?
• How could I improve this situation? ( do I need more knowledge, experience, a change in attitude, more practice)
• What have I learned about my practice, myself?
• How do I feel now?

Action Plan: If it arose again what would you do?
• How will I gain the knowledge, experience, practice that would help me in this situation?

SMART goals (include CNO template): S=specific M=measurable A= achievable R: realistic T = time sensitive
• Develop your goal with a focus on the knowledge, experience, and practice

I will upload an example of a reflection to give you a sense of what I’m looking for


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