Personal Counseling Theory Paper


As beginning counselors it is important that we think about what counseling theory fit closest with our own beliefs, values, and experiences. The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to explore some of your ideas about counseling theories. Your finished product should be 8-10 pages, double-spaced and adhere to APA format and style.  You must have at least 5 peer-reviewed references and in-text citations. You Personal Counseling Theory paper will include the name of the counseling theory you have chosen and will need to address the following six (6) points:   • View of human nature: How does the theory’s view of human nature fit your view of human nature? Does this view fit the needs of your client? Does the theory focus on thoughts, feelings, or actions? Does this focus fit the needs of your population? • The counseling relationship: What would your relationship with your client look like when working from this theoretical perspective? What is your role? The client’s role? Your responsibilities? The client’s responsibilities? • The counseling relationship: How would you envision working with a client with this need? How would the counseling process evolve? What stages or marker events would you anticipate? • Techniques: Based on the theory you choose what specific techniques would you want to use with this client? • Evaluation of client progress: How will you know when the client is ready to terminate? How will you evaluate whether counseling has been successful? • Application: What would be particularly appealing to you in working with this approach? What are its strengths? What might be problematic for you and/or your client? How applicable is your theory to working with culturally diverse clients? How applicable is this theory in promoting wellness?

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Personal Counseling Theory Paper
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