performance-enhancing drugs in sport

Answer one of the questions below. You should write between 200-220 words.


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performance-enhancing drugs in sport
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  1. There have been several recent controversies surrounding the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. What steps can be taken to prevent sportspeople from gaining an unfair advantage in this way?




  1. Modern technology is common in many workplaces. As a result, we are working more efficiently than ever before. To what extent do you agree with this view?




  1. It is sometimes claimed that translation devices and software will eventually remove the need for people to learn additional languages. Others hold the view, however, that communication via machine will lead to misunderstandings. Discuss both sides of the argument and present your opinion.


Your mark will be based on the following:

* How well the question is answered

* Organisation of your text (e.g. overall coherence and cohesion within the text)

* Appropriate use of academic style

* Use of appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure to express clear



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