Attached below is the play as well as the grading rubric. The professor is supercritical on writing and grammar.


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The responses to these performances should reference specific practices and processes discussed in class and noted in your readings. Be certain to address the questions posed in the prompt below.
  1. You will focus on the performance style of one specific actor in the production. Citing particular pedagogy or practitioners (ex. Boal, Hendricks, Pettiford-Wates, Wangh, Donnellan), how does the performer engage with the text?
  2. Share observations about the physicalization of character by the actor. What are some specific kinesthetic vocabulary used by the performer to embody the character
  3. Describe the use of the voice. What resonators seem to dominate the vocal performance? If a non-verbal production, discuss how the performer integrates the sound design to “articulate” the narrative.
  4. Do you find the performance to be truthful and authentic? Remember – the question is not whether the performance is “realistic” but if it fully and honestly materializes the world of play through the character’s engagement with the story. Focus on the presentation of the material. Remember that you are not writing a summary of the play. You are also not sharing how you feel about the performance – whether you liked it or not. You are critically examining the work in order to consider the questions you should apply to your own artistic process and build a criteria for creation.


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