Patient health education handout

Paper instructions

Choose one of the following options for your discussion:
1 – Watch the video:
Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion
(Links to an external site.)

Locate a web-based patient health education handout from an acute care facility (include the link in your post).
Comment on the quality and appropriateness of the handout considering the principles of health education and the potential health literacy limitations of its intended audience,
Discuss any improvements needed to the patient health education handout.

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Patient health education handout
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2 – Go to the pbs website regarding Unnatural Causes and socioeconomic determinants of health at:
(Links to an external site.)
Choose an Hour listed on the Unnatural Causes website and watch the associated video
View the Louisville Slide Presentation
(Links to an external site.)
Find a scholarly article about the socioeconomic gradient of health.
Summarize and reference the article (include the link with citations) and describe how it confirms, correlates to, or contrasts with the data and observations presented in the “Unnatural Causes” resources you reviewed.
Provide an example of how socioeconomic determinants of health can affect health promotion in your community.

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