Path of inhaled air molecule-cardiovascular disorders | Homework Help

1. Major cardiovascular disorders include alll of the following EXCEPT
a. atheriosclerosis
b. stroke
c. hypertension
d. diabetes
2. All capillary beds have blood running to them at all times
a. true
b. false
25. The right ventricle pumps blood to the systemiccirculation
a. true
b. false
3.________ is contained in pancreatic juice to neutralize theacidity of chyme from the stomach
a. sodium bicarbonate
b. tryspin
c. pancreatic amylase
d. bile
4. Trace the path of an inhaled air molecule
a. nasalcavity-glottis-larynx-trachea-pharynx-bronchi-bronchioles-alveoli
b. nasalcavity-pharynx-larynx-glottis-trachea-bronchi-bronchioles-alveoli
c. nasalcavity-pharynx-glottis-larynx-trachea-bronchi-bronchioles-alveoli
d. nasalcavity-pharynx-glottis-larynx-trachea-bronchioles-bronchi-alveoli
e. nasalcavity-pharynx-glottis-trachea-larynx-bronchi-bronchioles-alveoli
5. The exchange of gases between the lungs and the bloodoccurs by the process of
a. diffusion
b. osmosis
c. filtration
d. active transport
e. ionic bonding
6. Blood richest in oxygen is found in the
a. inferior vena cava
b. superior vena cava
c. pulmonary arteries
d. pulmonary veins
e. systemic capillaries
7. The breathing rate is controlled by chemoreceptors thatmainly detect
a. levels of oxygen in the alveolar air space
b. levels of oxygen in the blood
c. levels of carbon dioxide in the alveolar air space
d. levels of carbon dioxide in the blood
e. conscious control of our brain
8. The iron in a hemoglobin molecule is actually what bindsthe oxygen
a. true
b. false
9. Hemoglobin carries most of the oxygen and most of thecarbon dioxide transported in the blood in humans
a. true
b. false
10. During inspiration, air pressure in the lungs decreasesand air comes rushing in
a. true
b. false
11. All blood carried away from the heart is high in oxygenconcentration and low in carbon dioxide concentration
a. true
b. false
12. Gas exchange in the lungs and tissues is due to activetransport
a. true
b. false

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Path of inhaled air molecule-cardiovascular disorders | Homework Help
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