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GUIDELINES THIS ALL BASED ON THE BOOK CALLED “PASSING” NORTON CRITICAL EDITION!!! The final Research paper will be 2000 words (minimum AND maximum) and will be written in 12 pt. font, using Times New Roman, and be double-spaced. The requirements for the Patchwriting are listed below. Failure to do this will result in a lower grade. RESEARCH PAPER PROMPT Create an informative, research-based essay (using only sources from Passing: Norton Critical Edition) on the following research topic: Looking at both the lives of the characters in Passing, as well as contemporary 1920s media, what are the discernible costs and benefits of passing? The Research Paper will be evaluated on: How well the student integrates their own words with the sources The clarity and focus of the student’s treatment of said topic Whether or not the essay was truly informative about the topic The student’s ability to correctly use grammar and other linguistic mechanics to accomplish their ultimate goal In addition to the sources that you choose from the back of the book, you can also use Passing itself as an additional source to your required total. You must have a “Works Cited” page, and the entire paper must be adequately and appropriately documented in the MLA style.You will have six sources total. Your essay must include at least four sources from one (or more) of the following sections in the back of the Norton Critical Edition: REVIEWS CONTEMPORARY COVERAGE OF PASSING AND RACE THE RHINELANDER/JONES CASE THE TRAGIC MULATTO(A) SELECTIONS FROM STORIES AND NOVELS OF PASSING You must have at least two sources from the following section: CRITICISM

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Passing Research Papers
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