Participation DB 2

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This week is an opportunity to discuss what we’ve covered so far. You’ve had a chance to study some material that may be new to some of you, or you may be into punk rock, and you’ve also been able to address the question of why it’s so difficult to talk about race.

I’d like to deepen the discussion with a check-in about talking about race some more. How has the work in this class thus far confronted some of your assumptions? This question is relevant to all of us – people of color, whites, mixed-blood folks, and all levels of socioeconomic class. We are all part of the conversation, we are all occasionally culpable, and we’re all learning. I’ve been at this work for about fifteen years in academics, and I still find some things hard to talk about.

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Participation DB 2
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For some talking points, I’ll suggest the following:

Where do you see intersections of race and privilege in the material thus far?
What is the hardest thing to talk about for you and why?
What has been the most powerful for you so far and why?

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