Part One Data Collection Assignment


Media Analysis Research Paper  Part One Data Collection Assignment The final paper for our class will help you explore a current “hot topic” using the sociological skills we’ve gained throughout the semester. The first step is to pick a topic. I recommend you select something you are interested in and want to see how society has shaped the narrative of that “something” across the political divide of conservative and liberal media as well as the mainstream media.  Previous students have looked at global warming, immigration, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and other issues that are part of the Culture Wars  (Links to an external site.)  in the United States. Do not use Abortion or Gun Control as a social issue for this paper. Once you think you have a solid topic, you will build your sources.  Start with watching Online Verification Skills with Mike Caulfield, 4 short videos explaining how to fact-check. Then search for sources that would represent each of the narratives required (mainstream, conservative, and liberal). Ideally your research will have both a print-based and a web-presence however if you can determine that your source meets the fact checking criteria it can be a web-only source.  If you are not sure how to determine the potential bias of a source AFTER using the skills presented in the Mike Caulfield videos, you can use Media Bias Fact Check  (Links to an external site.)  to determine the narrative bias – mainstream/center, conservative/right, or liberal/left. Submit your sources (a minimum of one source for each perspective – three total) along with a brief summary of why you selected the source and which perspective it represents. This will give your the references you need to write the Media Analysis Research Paper. Make sure to use APA style for your references at the end of your submission. Your submission for this assignment should be typed, double-spaced, in APA, with each perspective clearly labeled. ***************************************************************************************************************** FEEDBACK FROM INSTRUCTOR; The first selection is not a media source and does not meet the requirements for this assignment. There is no article from the conservative/right perspective. Reuters is a mainstream media company that is listed by Media Bias/Fact Check as Unbiased. The New York Times and Washington Post are listed as LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias. There was no mention of how you determined the bias of the media source. This assignment required that students learn/use the fact checking skills in the 4 videos that were part of this assignment.

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Part One Data Collection Assignment
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