Oxygen requirement of organisms | Homework Help

Question1. What is the oxygen requirement of organisms that are able to reduce nitrates?

Question2.Is nitrate reduction an aerobic or anaerobic process? Circle one.

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Oxygen requirement of organisms | Homework Help
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Question3.What purpose does the nitrate serve to bacteria that can reduce it?

Question4.After incubation, two reagents will be aIDed to the culture to determine if nitrate is still present. Name these reagents.

Question5.If a red color is produced after aIDition of these reagents, is the test positive or negative?

Question6.If the test is negative, does this mean that the organism did not reduce nitrates? What are the possibilities?

Question7. If there is no color change after the aIDition of the reagents noted in #4, zinc is aIDed to the culture. What purpose does thezinc powder serve?

Question8. What color is a positive test after aIDition of zinc?



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