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Choose 1 condition from the body systems covered throughout the module. Give a brief description, discuss the cause and pathogenesis (with emphasis on the nutritional understanding of these), outline a nutritional treatment strategy, and design a dietary programme specifically beneficial to the condition. Provide a sample one-day menu plan. Rationalise your recommendations. With reference to the two conditions discussed in Written Assignment 1 (being asthma and psoriasis – which is attached), imagine that a client presents to you with all 3 conditions. Compile a single, dietary programme aIDressing all 3 health issues in a language that is easily understandable to the client Give a sample one-day menu plan for this client. Note: Are there any changes or modifications you would wish to make to your dietary strategies and menu plans for the conditions chosen in written assignment 1? These changes can be incorporated into part 2 of this assignment. This is an opportunity to apply any further knowledge you may have gained. Please note that all references must be peer reviewed journal articles which can be found on google scholar.

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Outline a nutritional treatment strategy | Homework Help
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