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I have been working diligently on a paper about the origins of the modern humans debate but i cant seem to put down on paper(or on my computer) what i am thinking. I am not sure if myinability to express what i am thinking is a side effect frommy auditory processing disorder that i was diagnosed as a youngchild as having, perhaps. Anyhow, i would very much appriciatereading a condenced version of what i am trying to say thatactually makes sence for once 🙂 so i can better understand what iam trying to get across.
What i have been trying to say in this paper is that themodern human origins debate needs to be re-oriented, not further byexamining the two popular theories 1. the Out of Africa hypothesisand 2. the Multiregional theory but i feel that the larger terms ofdebate on the subject matter needs to be examined by evolutionarybiologists & evolutionary anthropologists. I contemplatethat instead of considering genetics and the aquired genotypiccharacteristics as influincing how Neanderthals gradually evolvedinto AMH (anatomically modern humans) over long periods of time,that environmental traits (aka phenotypic traits) deserve to bestudied more as being somewhat more responsiblw for shaping whyneanderthals acted the way they did and why the did not survive andAMH did. Again, i am seeking to expand the notion of environment asa fundamental evolutinary contribution. Thank you so much fortaking the time to read this and for considering helping me out. Itruly appriciate it.

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Origins of the modern humans debate | Homework Help
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