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Question 1 (Chapter 18)
Write a Commemorative Speech one page in length. In this Commemorative Speech, you will pay tribute to one person. This speech will be in MS Word, double-spaced, Ariel font, font size 11.
The person to whom you pay tribute is a person you currently know personally or knew personally. This person will not be a famous, historical, or contemporary figure. Because this is a Commemorative Speech, this assignment calls for a less didactic speech than the informative and persuasive speeches. Commemorative Speeches focus particularly on the use of language, so you must use language imaginatively and experiment with the devices for enhancing clarity and vividness discussed in Chapter 12.
This one-page Commemorative Speech must exemplify the principles of commemorative speaking discussed in Chapter 18.

Question 2 (Chapter 20)
Think about a group you were part of in this last year. Identify a relatively important decision you made as a member of that group that affected you negatively. This means you will think of a decision you made that did not have a successful ending for you.
Choose a decision for which you did not use the reflective-thinking method.
Reconstruct how you reached that decision in about 100 words.
Explain how you would re-make the decision following the reflective-thinking method. Do this in about 200 words, explaining what you would do at each stage of the method

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Oral Communication Skills Assignment | Online Assignmen
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