OCC The Boat People I already post three documents including my essay prompt, my class essay example and the picture of historical event that I would like

OCC The Boat People I already post three documents including my essay prompt, my class essay example and the picture of historical event that I would like to write about. Contact to me if you are interested in for more specific information. Hopkins: English 100 and 1A Essay: “Picture This”
This essay will be a variation of the “double exposure” assignment you read in Adios. In this assignment you will be
exposing two different realities based on a photograph of a historical event. One exposure will be written as a
personal experience in the first person point-of-view; the second exposure will be quotations that you find in your
research of the historical event. The first step of the assignment is to find a photograph of historical significance:
the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the capture of Suddam Hussein, the first step on the moon (or the fabrication
of it), an important military battle, the first climb up Mt. Everest, Lance Armstrong’s seventh victory at the tour de
France—the possibilities are endless.
First Exposure: Having found a photograph which visually documents an important moment in history, it is your
job to become one of the characters in the picture, narrating the experience as you imagine it could have possibly
occurred. It behooves you to research the historical event before you start writing in order to focus on what you
want to write about, but this not a historiography. The “personal experience” should not be laden with historical
facts with the intent of giving a history lesson. As a narrator, you are living the historical event, so the future
relevancy of the event is not necessarily what is on your mind. Be specific and detailed in your narration; embody
the reader in the experience. Share your fears, your hopes, preparation for the events, expectations gone astray,
obstacles which were overcome, the significance of the people around you, and so forth. Again, imagine yourself
experiencing life through the eyes of someone who was there. The more detailed you are in your narration, the
more believable your experience will be.
Second Exposure: You will need to research the historical photograph you are writing about. If you are doing your
paper, for example, on the first climb up Mt. Everest, you could do research on the actual mountain, the individual
who did the first climb, the equipment used, the impact the climb had around the world, and so on. The point is,
you need to find a focus. It is better to focus your research on one aspect rather than a lot of different aspects.
Once again, this essay is not meant to make you an expert of this historical event, but to better prepare you to do
research and to demonstrate that there are many realities occurring simultaneously.
Format and Content: This essay will be three to five pages long, double spaced, have 12pt font size, and comply
with MLA format. Each page needs at least one quotation and no more than two. The quotations need to be at
least three lines long and no more than six. When you introduce the “double exposure,” you will not introduce or
explain the quotations; just put them in so that there is an abrupt shift from the personal experience to the quoted
material. When you block the quotation, you do not include quotation marks; it is implied that the information is
coming from an outside source. You keep the quotation double spaced, and you set the left side margin to two
inches. (MLA says to only block quotations that are four or more lines, but for our purposes three lines is okay.)
You will need at least three outside sources (an internet source in not acceptable—a library database is not
considered an internet source).
Thesis Statement: Your paper needs a purpose. The reader should finish the essay believing there was a specific
reason why you wrote it. Returning to the subject of Mt. Everest, you might share the dangers of the experience
and urge people to try something else for personal fulfillment. A thesis is always an argument, so your essay’s
claim could be: Although climbing Mt. Everest gave me personal satisfaction, I would not encourage anyone to do
what I have done—it is not worth it. The scope of your essay would revolve around this thesis.
Style Requirements: three telescoping and three freighting sentences; two melt-togethers; at least two
metaphors; at least two colons and two dashes; at least two double dashes and two parentheses; and always
remember to use semi-colons and very short sentences. All the style requirements need to be highlighted.

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OCC The Boat People I already post three documents including my essay prompt, my class essay example and the picture of historical event that I would like
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