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Choose a topic of interest focusing upon the food industry and the sensory evaluation of food

Assignment: Typed research paper of 6 pages (12 pt font, double spaced) on an appropriate nutrition topic approved by instructor. One page from each of five research-based references must accompany the paper (staple to back). Use the IFIC Review document for background reading on understanding and interpreting food and health research (see course website). You may use APA style formats in citing research articles used. Construction: The paper should include 3 basic constructs: 1. Introduction- includes background information pertinent to your topic, a thesis statement and an overview, which is brief description of what you will be discussing in the body of the paper (1-2 sentences). Define any scientific terms in the paper. At least 2 terms should be defined. 2. Body- 3-5 paragraphs- represents the presentation of your findings in a logical order with an explanation of source and relevance to thesis statement. FIVE original research or review articles should be summarized to support the thesis statement. 3. Conclusion- summary of findings with answer or response to thesis statement.

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Nutrition Assignment | Essay Help Services
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