Nutrition and Exercise


Welcome to Unit 2! In unit 2, we will address the importance of developing a nutrition and exercise plan from a holistic mindset. The food we eat and the activity we participate in play key roles in determining health, well-being, and longevity. We will analyze daily food intake and exercise habits in an effort to improve overall wellness. CSLOs: • CSLO 1: Identify and describe inner resources to strengthen mind-body connections • CSLO 2: Compare and contrast unhealthy lifestyle practices based on sound, evidence-based principles of a holistic wellness model. • CSLO 3: Define and describe health challenges to the mind-body-spirit and holistic methods to prevent and manage these challenges. Unit 2: Readings Chapter 2: “Healthful Nutrition” Chapter 3: “Exercise Recommendations” Invitation to Holistic Health 9781284105483 CSLO 1,2,3 Unit 2: Resources Attached Files:  CAM Provider Knowledge.pdf  (490.419 KB)  HED3200 CH 2 3 online.pptx  (1.889 MB) Nutrition and Exercise PowerPoint (attached) “Complementary and Alternative Medicine Provider Knowledge Discourse on Holistic Health” (attached) CSLO 1,2,3 Unit 2 DQ: Recommended Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines (Graded) Based on My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, and U.S. Dept. of HHS, what are 3 to 5 challenges faced by college students in maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan. What can be done to address these challenges? **Address specific guidelines for full credit**. Requires 6 short responses including references. CSLO 1,2,3 Unit 2 AS: Nutrition and Exercise Journal Attached Files:  HED 3200 U2 AS Instructions (1).docx  (75.468 KB) AS Description: Create a 4-day nutrition and exercise journal followed by a 2-page reflection to explore eating and physical activity habits and their role in contributing to a balanced, healthy, lifestyle. AS Instructions: See attached document CSLO 1,2,3 Unit 2 CA: Applying Holistic Health Concepts Journal Make up a Holistic alter-ego for yourself. Give him or her a name, and then describe his or her qualities, looks, strengths, and how he/she goes about living a healthy, well-balanced life. Consider what we have discussed so far in this course and what an “ideal” picture of health, including all dimensions of wellness, would look and feel like. Journal Requirements: 1) 1.5 – 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 2) Use of textbook, PowerPoints, Course resources 3) No additional research necessary – use your knowledge, experience, and creativity to create this “ideal” alter-ego. 4) Must submit on-time; no late submissions will be accepted. CSLO 1,2,3

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Nutrition and Exercise
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