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Prompt: NOAA is predicting a hurricane will approach your community area in the next 24 hours. It is currently a Category 1 system moving at 15 miles per hour. The area has been previously affected by tropical storms. Discuss and include the following questions in an eight (8) to ten (10) page paper excluding title page, abstract and references: 1.Briefly describe your local community and the local emergency management system. 2.You are asked to be a spokesperson to present the information. -What information will you provide and what instructions will you ask of the community? -What communication channels will you use to share this information? 3.How will you tailor this information and select channels to suit non-English speaking residents, people with hearing and/or visual impairment. 4.Include the following in your discussion: -Are there people within the community who are particularly vulnerable? -What are the factors that influence the impact a disaster would have on physical community and the community members? -Consider a healthcare organization in the community and identify strategies that healthcare organization would implement before, during and after the hurricane. The paper must be structured and provide arguments that are supported, at least in part, by evidence gathered from outside sources. At minimum, the paper must contain the following: A working thesis with an arguable, analytical claim. A specific set of evidence (quotes, page numbers, etc.) to prove that claim, not just “example to prove my point,” or something similar. The evidence and how it proves the thesis must be apparent. Papers must include at least three scholarly references. Fully developed, cohesive paragraphs with topic sentences. These topic sentences should be assertions. The paragraphs should contain ample evidence, analysis, and links to the thesis. Lack of development in paragraphs may result in no credit for the essays. A title page, an abstract page, and a reference page. Paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing, a 12 point Times Roman font, and between eight (8) to ten (10) pages in length. The page length does not account for a title page, abstract and reference page. Paper must use proper APA format and include a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources. *** I set the amount of pages needed to (10) because 8 pages for the body will be fine, I just wanted to make sure to include the abstract and reference pages. *** I also want to note I live in bergen county, nj…close to NYC for when you need to answer what the emergency management system of my local community area is. *** THANK YOU

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Nursing Disasters Assignment | Online Assignment
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