Novel language analysis


ESSAY ASSIGNMENT TWO Novel Language Analysis Purpose: To explain and interpret a possible message or messages suggested by a) State of Wonder or b) a book or books on a subject of your own choosing. If you choose to write entirely about books outside of class, clear at least one with me first. Your goal should be persuade readers of your interpretation using the texts studied and outside reading material, as appropriate. You should construct a thesis that is specific and defensible and then explicate it through points, illustrations, and explanation, using specific quotes and ideas from the novel or text you select. Your essay should be 4 – 5 typed pages. It may run slightly longer but no shorter and should conform to MLA style, which means the essay should be doubled spaced and in 12-point size Times, Times New Roman, or Cambria, on pages with one-inch margins. The first draft is due in class on October 20. The final draft is due in class on October 29. With your final draft you must turn in all drafts, bind them with a clip, place them in a folder, or otherwise affix the package together. The assignment objectives are: -Summarizing (briefly) the texts or text(s) in question and recognizing their structures, main arguments, and forms and uses of evidence. -Forming a central claim that is sustained and developed throughout the paper. -Selecting the aspects of each text, including evidence, that are most relevant to the central claim. -Tracing and developing an organizational structure that sustains the central claim and supports a conversation between both texts. -Using evidence to support claims throughout the paper, including the central claim, in the form of quotes and paraphrases and properly citing this evidence. -Practicing drafting, revising and editing skills.

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Novel language analysis
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