Narrative Ethics Essay Assignment

Narrative Ethics Essay Assignment

This assignment asks that you consider an ethical dilemma in detail.  Come up an ethical problem that students might be faced with in college. You may write one similar to those we discussed in class, or something completely different. It can be something you or someone you know is dealing with. Then solve this problem using the RESOLVEDD Method (Kvanig, 1999, and Pfeiffer & Forsberg, 2004, outlined below), or the Framework for Ethical Decision Making (as outlined in the page from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics in our Module).

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Narrative Ethics Essay Assignment
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REVIEW THE SCENARIO: State history, background and details of case

o What are the details?

o What is the background?

Your best friend’s mom likes to cook for you. The food is terrible.

ETHICAL PROBLEM: Summarize the conflict or problem present in the case, i.e., what principles/values are at issue or at stake.

Do you tell your best friend’s mom that the cooking is terrible?

Principle of honesty or  principle of compassion.

SOLUTIONS: List at least two possible solutions to the problem (one as though each conflicting principle/value took precedence).                        I could be nice, or I could be honest.

OUTCOMES: State important and probable consequences of each solution (at least two per solution).

o What will happen?

o What is likely to happen?

o What might happen?

LIKELY IMPACT: Describe likely impact of each main solution on those involved (including people, families, organizations, the environment, etc.)

o Who will be benefited?

o Who will be harmed?

o Who else will be impacted and how?

VALUES: Explain the values upheld and those infringed upon by each solution.

o Refer to relevant ethical principles: honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, do-no-harm, loyalty, lawfulness, and others.

EVALUATE: Evaluate each solution in terms of outcomes, likely impact and values upheld or infringed upon.

DECIDE: Decide which solution is best, state it, clarify its details, and justify it.

DEFEND: Defend the decision against objections to its weaknesses.

Using either of these approaches, outline and narrate an ethical dilemma in a 5 page, double-spaced, narrative essay.

This assignment is worth 100 points, and will be due on 10/31. Your grade is based on the quality of your responses, your use of either of the above mentioned approaches, your organization, the clarity of your writing, and grammar.

In short, what you’re doing is writing a story about an ethical dilemma:

  • what’s the problem
  • what are the choices
  • what is the ultimate decision, and
  • how did the person involve come to make that choice.


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