Name the fundamental methods of reproduction | Homework Help

Answer in a word or two:

1. Name the type of reproduction in which two parents are involved?

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Name the fundamental methods of reproduction | Homework Help
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2. Name the fundamental methods of reproduction?

3. Name the kind of reproduction in which opposite sexes are not involved.

4. Which macromolecule in our body provides information for protein synthesis?

Answer in a sentence or two:

1. An organism is producing sterile gametes and cannot reproduce. Which method of reproduction this organism should use to multiply and what are the other benefits of this method.

2. Write the characters shown by organism develop by this asexual reproduction.

3. Define the kind of reproduction used by Hydra for its multiplication?

4. Cats are reproduced by the combination of genes of parent. Name the process involved and define it.

Answer the following:

1. Define the surgical methods used to prevent the conception?

2. What will happen if egg is not fertilized?

3. List various methods along with examples that are used to prevent the conception?

4. Mention the changes that take place after fertilization occurs?

5. Describe the occurrence of menstrual cycle in females?

6. Why organism belonging to same species looks similar to each other.

7. Sexual reproduction helps in evolution. How?

8. Variation in organisms is important. Explain.

9. “When we aID a spoon of curd in warm milk it converts whole milk into curd.” What is present in the curd? How it multiplies to convert milk into curd?

10. Human beings are modified Apes. Comment on the statement?

11. How sexual reproduction is better than asexual reproduction.

Answer the following:

1. Draw a well labelled diagram of a flower showing its reproductive parts?


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