My Brilliant Friend

Final Essay Prompts
My Brilliant Friend
World Literature
Spring 2020
The final writing assignment this spring is a progress project / contemplation on
the novel, My Brilliant Friend.
1) Arguable thesis statement due: Wed, May 20 (end of day)
2) Outline due: Mon, May 25
3) Rough Draft/Peer Review: Fri, May 29
4) Final Draft Due: Friday, June 5 8:00 a.m. (NO LATE WORK–Last class
Save your file as: LastnameMBF
Compose a multiple paragraph essay that explores and/or answers ONE of the
following questions. Include at least 3 direct quotations from the novel, and use
MLA format. Secondary sources (research) are optional.
Length requirement: Minimum 3 pages, maximum 5 pages
1. Who is the “brilliant friend” and why?
2. Argue whether or not Lila and Elena empower one another or bring each
other down.
Helpful Sources on Veracross: Reporting Verbs, MLA GoogleDoc Template,
Using Quotes Effectively

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My Brilliant Friend
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