Listen to this soundfile first: Antonio Vivaldi, Violin Concerto “Spring / La Primavera” in E major, Op. 8  [COVERED IN CHAPTER 27]

Listen to this soundfile second: Max Richter, Spring, Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

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TOPIC:  After listening to the two  soundfiles above, discuss whether or not Max Richter has the RIGHT to “recompose” Antonio Vivaldi’s beloved The Four Seasons?  Back your stance by informing the reader of why you think it works or doesn’t.  Do you think masterworks are untouchable?  Can you think of any other instances of “recomposed” music? (name one or two)  Was the “recomposition” successful or not? [Note: “Recomposition” is different from remixing (or standard arranging) a song in that the “borrowed” musical material is reassembled and revisioned in a significant way.]

Post 3 contributions to this discussion. Your first post must respond to my original topic statement (beginning a new thread). After that, you may post in response to any comment you like, or start yet another new thread.

substantive post is one that demonstrates originality, depth of thought, and critical thinking — in other words, one that adds something to the discussion. It doesn’t have to be very long (although it must be at least 5 sentences long), but it does need to be well-thought-out and original

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