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Bacteriophages are
a. large bacteria.
b. protistans.
c. pathogens (disease-producing bacteria).
d. viruses.
e. cellular components.
Which is Not a major function of the genetic material?
a. undergo mutations
b. replicate itself
c. store information
d. catalyze chemical reactions
Rosalind Franklin helped reveal the structure of DNA by using
a. cytosine analysis
b. centrifuge analysis
c. bacteriaphages
d. X-ray crystallography
Determine which of the following statements about DNA replication is NOT correct?
a. Unwinding of the DNA molecule occurs as hydrogen bonds break
b. The enzyme that catalyzes DNA replication is DNA polymerase
c. Replication occurs as each base is paired with another exactly like it
d. The process is known as semiconservative replication because one old strand is conserved in the new molecule
e. Complementary base pairs are held together with hydrogen bonds
Because one original strand of the double stranded helix is found in each daughter cell, the replication process is called
a. freeing DNA
b. redundant
c. mutation positive
d. proofreading
e. semiconservative
Starting with 15N15N (heavy) DNA, and after TWO generations in the 14N medium, Escherichia coli cells will contain
a. 50% 15N15N DNA and 50% 15N14N DNA.
b. 50% 15N15N DNA and 50% 14N14N DNA.
c. 50% 15N14N DNA and 50% 14N14N DNA.
d. 25% 15N15N DNA, 50% 15N14N DNA, and 25% 14N14N DNA.
e. 25% 15N14N DNA and 75% 14N14N DNA.
The x-ray diffraction photography of Rosalind Franklin and Maurice was critical evidence of DNA
a. indicating that DNA has a double helix structure
b. showing equal number of purines and pyrimidines
c. revealing the location of each adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine
d. showing the bases of DNA were held together by hydrogen bonds
e. revealing the structure of the deoxyribose sugar
In the Watson and Crick model of DNA, the steps of the laIDer are composed of
a. a sugar and a phosphate molecule
b. a purine and a pyrimidine
c. two purines
d. two pyrimidines
e. sugars
The structure of DNA is most like a
a. None of the answers
b. double helix
c. double triangle
d. double ellipse
e. figure eight

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Multiple choice questions related to genetics | Homework Help
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