Multiple choice questions – macroevolution | Homework Help

Question 1
Select one answer.
We can see evidence for the relatedness of humans, wheat plants, and bacteria if we compare their…

A. embryonic development patterns
B. ribosomes
C. muscle cells
D. body structures

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Multiple choice questions – macroevolution | Homework Help
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Question 2
Select one answer.
How might phylogenetics help scientists fight a new flu outbreak?

A. Scientists could compare the genetics of the virus to determine useful antivirals.
B. Scientists could compare the symptoms of the new virus with genetically related viruses.
C. Scientists could compare the genetics of the viruses and trace the source of the outbreak.
D. All of these

Question 3
Select one answer.

Speciation is the formation of a new

A. biological lineage.
B. clade.
C. organism.
D. population.

Question 4
Select one answer.
Which form of speciation occurs while the organisms are living in the same geographic area?

A. Sympatric speciation
B. Peripatric speciation
C. Allopatric speciation
D. Parapatric speciation

Question 5
Select one answer.
A swarm of insects blows out to sea in a storm. They arrive at a tiny island and form a new population. After many generations, they have diverged from the source population on the mainland. The result is an island-specific (endemic) species with a close relative on the mainland. This is an example of ____________.

A. sympatric speciation
B. allopatric speciation
C. mutation



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