moving toward an employee empowerment culture

Your manager believes in learning from other companies’ success stories as well as stories of failure. In particular, she likes to apply various management theories when possible, rather than starting from the beginning every time a decision has to be made. She asks you to write a memo to her addressing the following: From any recent or current event in the news, discuss and explain the use of these two specific theories that the firms you researched believed in

•In the human resource area, moving toward an employee empowerment culture

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moving toward an employee empowerment culture
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•In the marketing area, the theory of penetration pricing

For each of these two, explain the following:

•The issue being addressed that gave rise to employing these theories

•How the theory being followed leads to specific actions on the part of the company

•Results achieved

•If you had been the senior manager in these situations, at those companies, how might you have addressed the situation any differently? What other theory could have been the basis for the decision.


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