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Mother Teresa
Paper instructions:
A Religious figure €“ Mother Teresa who does something significant for a religious reason.
€¢ What factors do you think motivated the person to do what they did?
What human dynamics do you see in this and how much do you believe is the
direct leading of God?
How do the human and divine dimensions relate to each other in this story?
€¢ To what degree is the religious path represented about achieving social belonging? About being different as a path to following God? Do you see more reactivity against group identity or more conformity?
€¢ To what degree do the religious behaviors in this story relate to family (and family of origin in particular) aspects of the person’s life?
€¢ How do religion and mental health factors interplay with each other in this story? Do you believe that the religious behavior is healthy? Do you see any link with what is sometimes called psychopathology? Does it matter?

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Mother Teresa | Homework Help
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