Module 5 Exercise: communication model

Module 5 Exercise

Choose an advertisement online or in a magazine. Apply the communication model by answering the following questions: Who is the source? What is the message? How is the message encoded? What is the channel with which it is communicated? How is the message decoded? Who is the receiver? What might be an example of potential noise that would interfere with the communication of the message? How can the sender receive feedback from the receiver?

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Module 5 Exercise: communication model
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Exercise Instructions:  You are required to submit a 2-Page (Title Page and Content Page), 300 words APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 2-pages, (Title Page and Content Page) APA format.

Exercises must be the students original thoughts based on the topics from the “Open Educational Resource” (OER) Course Textbook and/or other referenced sources.  Direct quotes from references must be less than 20 words.  Please review for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors.  Plagiarized submissions may result in a “0” for the submission. 

Late submissions will be deducted 5 points.

All assignment(s) derive from the OER Textbook.  For academic purposes, at least 1 APA formatted reference is required pertaining to the topic(s).

READ the book

300 words

APA format

One source if the book

Another source and two citations

Do references, write pages numbers, author, etc.

Don’t modify the template

NOT copy, Not paste,

Do it from scratch

Plagiarized submissions may result in a “0” for the submission.



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